Stuff about Kiwiprofesor

My favourite and most frequented place.

My favourite and most frequented place.

I’m a Kiwi/Maori boy, born in Garden City, Christchurch, and raised in Windy Wellington – yes that’s right, sometimes I’m a Crusader, and sometimes I’m a Hurricane (Rugby talk). I’ve been living in Colombia since 2009, teaching English, eating fresh food, basking in the eternal sun, enjoying a cold one or two, swimming in the sea or the river, riding my pushbike, and still trying to learn how to dance Salsa.

As I mentioned, I’m an English Language Personal Trainer, a Facilitator of Life-Long Learning, a  Curator of Knowledge and Ideas, AND a Passionate Student of Life. I’m also a Student of my Students (thanks Mr Gandhi). Before Teaching English here in Colombia, I taught  in New Zealand and Turkey. 

I’ve lived for a short time in Bogota, for 4 years in Barranquilla, and for the last 6 months in Valledupar. I really love Valledupar, it’s peaceful, and the people are friendly, the trees are beautiful, it has the Guatapuri River running beside it, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the food mmmmmmmmm. Valledupar also happens to be the World capital of Vallenato music, the most important folk music in Colombia. You could say that Valledupar has everything.

I’m into many things, including, but not limited to, Sport, Music, Politics, Education, Exercise and Nutrition, Mother Nature, Humour, Reading & Writing, Espanol, and Colombia.

“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ~ Albert Einstein



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