Mike’s Bogota Blog: And If Galán Had Lived?

Mike’s Bogota Blog: And If Galán Had Lived?.

galanAn interesting article. It´s fascinating to ruminate on the what-if’s of significant historical events, and for Colombia, none more significant than the tragic assassination of Luis Carlos Galan

I get the feeling you are right in what you say about him not being able to drastically change the course of this Nation, as great an Orator and true of moral compass, as he was. After all the most pressing concerns, the ‘Devils Horns’ of Corruption and Violence, have been firmly entrenched here since before the days of the ‘Liberator’ Simon Bolivar.

I’m from New Zealand, and I have a theory about Australians and their historically criminal genetic make-up (modern immigration aside). I also believe we can apply this theory, in some measure, here in Gran Colombia, after all, the very ‘Conquerors’  where of similar criminal stock, were they not?


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