Here’s Pele talking up Colombia’s chances at the World Cup

Con este video le piden a Pelé que no dé favorita a Colombia en el Mundial | Blu Radio.

Here’s Pele saying he reckons Colombia is one of the favourites for the World Cup.pele

Old Pele’s trying to put a bad spell on Colombia man, calling them one of the favourites (without the confirmed appearance of their best player) is just going to make all of Colombia, and them over-confident, and take their eye off the ball against Japan or Greece, and it will be all over…don’t listen to Pele, Colombia!colombian team

Besides that, he’s got a reputation as a bad caller of games. Romario said “Pele is a poet when he keeps his mouth shut”, current Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari delivered the legendary line, “I believe Pele knows nothing about football. His analysis always turns out to be wrong. If you want to win a title, you have to listen to Pele and then do the opposite.”

Let’s not forget that Pele also predicted Colombia would win the World Cup in USA 1994, they finished bottom of their group and went home after the first round.

Check this out…and let’s hope Pele listens to Romario!


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